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The ROI of Hiring Those Who Truly Think Differently

By Jeff and Rick Miller Articles and studies advocating diversity and inclusion programs in the workplace often cite the benefits of such initiatives on other business objectives. A 2017 Economist article noted that “companies may starve themselves of talent” [...]

Employee Engagement – Buried Treasure?

A recent Gallup survey found that only 15% of employees worldwide are fully engaged in their jobs. (https://blog.accessperks.com/2018-employee-engagement-loyalty-statistics) This abysmal statistic is nothing new. The only thing more consistent than employers lamenting their teams’ lack of commitment seems to be [...]

Relevant Statistics

1 in 59 – number of school age children in U.S. diagnosed with Autism.
50,000  – number of individuals with Autism who attempt to enter the workforce in U.S. every year.
80% – estimated unemployment rate in U.S. for college educated Individuals with Autism
185% – approximate increase in Autism diagnoses in U.S. since 2000
Over 3.5 Million – number if individuals with Autism in the US today
92% – percentage of individuals who view companies that hire individuals with some disability more favorably
1% – SAP’s has set a goal of 1% of its worldwide workforce to be neurodiverse by 2020


The word potentia is defined in Latin as power or force.  Potentia is a Social Enterprise dedicated to helping leading companies to optimize their workforce by leveraging a particular kind of applicant pool diversity.

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