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Potentia Benefits

Employer Impact

  • Lower turnover

  • Higher productivity

  • Improved employee engagement

  • Enhanced corporate culture

  • More skilled management team

  • Enhanced reputation

  • Tax Incentives
  • Access to Government Contracts

Societal Impact

  • Improved health and self-esteem among fast growing population

  • Greater independence placing less burden on families

  • Moves talented workers from reliance on support services to contributing taxpayers

Recent Videos

It’s funny how one look from your child can change your perspective. Here in part of an interview with KNLY Houston, CEO Jeff Miller talks about how an emotional day with Charlie became the inspiration that led to Potentia. #changeyourperspective #inspiration #purpose #mission #findyourpassion

In the Part Two of the KNLY interview with CEO Jeff Miller, they talk about why an employer of any size might seek to hire individuals with autism and how to do it effectively. #autismatwork #neurodiversity #talentshortage #technologyjobs #changeyourperspective #thinkdifferently



The word potentia is Latin for power. Potentia is an consulting firm dedicated to helping employers to power their own 21st Century Workforce.

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