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Generalizations almost always fall far short of capturing the strengths of individuals in this diverse community.  Some general definitions are provided below.


ABA – Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the application of the principles of learning and motivation from Behavior Analysis, and the procedures and technology derived from those principles, to the solution of problems of social significance. Many decades of research have validated treatments based on ABA. It is useful in teaching new skills as well as increasing, maintaining, generalizing or limiting certain behaviors.

Autism Spectrum – A range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication, as well as by unique strengths and differences.

Asperger’s Syndrome – Asperger’s Syndrome is a type of Autism Spectrum condition that affects communication and socialization skills.

High-functioning Autism – HFA is not a formal medical diagnosis but instead refers generally to individuals with Autism, often inclusive of Asperger’s, who have normal to above average intelligence while also possessing underdeveloped social skills.

Neurodiversity – or neurological diversity, refers to the diversity of human brains and minds, how we process information and relate to each other and to the idea that this is a natural, valuable form of diversity.

Neurodiversity is at the core of the Think Differently cause and mission.

Relevant Statistics

1 in 59 number of school age children in U.S. diagnosed with Autism.

50,000   number of individuals with Autism who attempt to enter the workforce in U.S. every year.

80% – estimated unemployment rate in U.S. for college educated individuals with Autism.

185% – approximate increase in Autism diagnoses in U.S. since 2000

Over 3.5 Million – number if individuals with Autism in US today

92% – percentage of individuals who view companies that hire individuals with some disability more favorably

1% – SAP’s has set a goal of 1% of its worldwide workforce to be neurodiverse by 2020


The word potentia is defined in Latin as power or force.  Potentia is a Social Enterprise dedicated to helping leading companies to optimize their workforce by leveraging a particular kind of applicant pool diversity.

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