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At Potentia, we help leading companies to “think differently” – about their recruitment strategies, their workforce, and their ability to affect positive social change in the communities in which they live and work.

Potentia is a Social Enterprise dedicated to helping leading companies to optimize their workforce by leveraging a particular kind of applicant pool diversity – neurodiversity – and benefitting from the unique strengths of those individuals to enhance their bottom line.  In so doing, employers can harness the power of this talented workforce as a competitive advantage.

At Potentia, our Mission is twofold:

  • To help companies to run better by leveraging the enormous talents of individuals on the Autism Spectrum.
  • To partner with great companies to provide more meaningful career opportunities for applicants who Think Differently.

Letter from our CEO

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Jeff Miller has spent more than two decades in leadership roles in the recruitment industry.  He was President of a $350M recruitment firm, Cenergy Partners, which provided over 2,000 engineers and field workers to industries including Energy, Aerospace, Manufacturing and Technology.  Jeff had full responsibility for day-to-day operations of this international firm, reporting to the Board of Directors, and successfully completed four acquisitions during his tenure.

Jeff was also a Sr. Vice President for KBR, an $8B EPC where he built and ran the firm’s fastest growing division.  He served as Vice President, Americas for NES, a global recruitment firm, where he built and led an international team responsible for more than $35M in new sales in its launch year.  Earlier in his career, Jeff was Division President for Exxova, an Atlanta-based technology consultancy where he built and led the firm’s largest division in providing innovative recruitment and business intelligence solutions to the healthcare industry.

Jeff has launched and led organizations, divisions and teams in more than a dozen of the largest markets in the U.S. and internationally.

A native of the Boston area, Jeff remains a loyal Red Sox fan and highly limited former athlete.  He lives in the Houston area with his wife Samantha, and son Charlie – an awesomely cool teenager on the autism spectrum.

Advisory Board

The Potentia Advisory Board is comprised of educators and therapists who have dedicated their professional lives in support of the ASD community.  Together, they have decades of experience with autism and related conditions.  They include:

Dr. Dorothea Lerman, Ph.D.,
Director, Center for Autism & Developmental Disabilities
University of Houston, Clear Lake

Michelle Howard-Herbein
Executive Director
The ARC, Greater Houston

Maria Quintero-Conk
IDD Psychologist
Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare

Scott Adams
Executive Director
Advance Houston

Jennifer Dantzler
Executive Director
Including Kids

Jane Borochoff
Executive Director
HEART Program

Michele Joseph
Gateway Academy
Head of School

Amy Root
Associate Director
Optum Global Solutions

Gary Brooks
CFO Partner
Aventine Hill

Social Enterprise

A social enterprise is “an organization that addresses an unmet need or solves a social problem through a market driven approach.”  [Source: Social Enterprise Alliance]

The social problem we are addressing is the 80% unemployment rate among college educated adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and the attendant strain on those individuals, their families, and society more broadly, that coincide with prolonged unemployment for any affected group.

Potentia believes that this statistic is due to three (3) primary factors.  First, employers are not educated about Autism and often have misperceptions about the abilities of those affected.  Two, their hiring processes are often designed to recruit in volume and so typical interviewing and screening can miss high-potential individuals who may not “interview well.”  Finally, many supervisors apply a one-size-fits-all style of management where individual differences may not be fully leveraged.

Potentia believes each of these factors is not only solvable, but that companies that address these strategies will be better run, more profitable organizations. 

Potentia is a for-profit social enterprise.

We have selected this business model for two primary reasons.  First, we believe we can address this massive problem more effectively through scale.  Scale can happen more quickly by accepting both equity investments and donations.  Second, we believe a for-profit model, where we are held directly accountable by our clients, better aligns us as a long-term partner with them.

Potentia will devote its profits to support Autism related causes, particularly those that support individuals with more profound Autism conditions which we may not be able to help through employment.  The remaining profits will be leveraged to scale the organization throughout the US.

Potentia seeks to bridge non-profit groups and government agencies, and the resources and expertise they offer, with the corporate community, and the opportunities they present, for the benefit of the Autism community and for better outcomes for the employers who participate.


The word potentia is defined in Latin as power or force.  Potentia is a Social Enterprise dedicated to helping leading companies to optimize their workforce by leveraging a particular kind of applicant pool diversity.

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