In order to do our part to achieve this goal, our applicant support process is as follows

Potentia will work with you to determine ideal roles for present and future

We will leverage our partner network to assist you with support services if appropriate

Potentia will coach you on successful interview techniques

We will facilitate interviews for roles we identify

Potentia will provide orientation support for your first day on the job

You will be an employee of Potentia, working on a client site, while you get to know them and they get to know you

Should you become an employee of the client, we will help you through that transition and on an ongoing basis


Potentia aims to take part in and support the Autism community in various ways.  While our focus is employement, we also support educational and social initiatives and the organizations which drive them.  These are connections we will look to foster and grow over time.

Support Services
Online Groups


The word potentia is defined in Latin as power or force.  Potentia is a Social Enterprise dedicated to helping leading companies to optimize their workforce by leveraging a particular kind of applicant pool diversity.

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