Program definition


Potentia will work with you to understand your workforce goals

Role selection


We will leverage our team of experts to help you select the best roles to pilot

Employer Training

Employer Training

Potentia will coach your supervisors, mentors and wider population as appropriate

Sourcing and screening

Sourcing and

We will deliver a shortlist of screened candidates Potentia will work with 



We will provide support and best practices for day one and beyond with you to with



Potentia can be the employer of record, providing employment services while you assess long term fit

Ongoing support

Ongoing support

Our team of experts will continue to provide support to applicant and supervisor for as long as needed

A New Approach

Potentia brings together decades of experience in workforce optimization and recruitment, along with experts in the field of Autism, to provide employers with a roadmap of how to interview, onboard and manage a neurodiverse workforce.  Companies who have made investments in this area report lower turnover, higher productivity and improved employee engagement.  We are focused on those outcomes for our clients and committed to a better future for our applicants.

Given the explosion in new cases of individuals affected by Autism in the last 20 years, substantial investments in research and treatment have followed.  Early diagnosis and therapies, especially Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy have helped individuals to progress through high school, and often college, with increased success.

But with few exceptions, employers have not benefitted from the talents of this community.

Potentia focuses on matching top employers with individuals with Autism. In particular, Potentia has developed an applicant pool of candidates on the “high functioning” portion of the Autism Spectrum including individuals affected by a condition known as Asperger’s Syndrome.  Candidates with these conditions can often display some amount of social awkwardness, as well as difficulty with certain types of tasks, instructions and work environments.  These individuals are also typically very reliable, honest, hard-working and passionate about doing quality work.


Employer benefits

  • Lower turnover

  • Higher productivity

  • Improved employee engagement

  • Enhanced corporate culture

  • More skilled management team

  • Enhanced reputation

  • Tax Incentives
  • Access to Gov’t Contracts

Societal Benefits

  • Improved health and self-esteem among fast growing population

  • Greater independence placing less burden on families

  • Moves talented workers from reliance on support services to contributing taxpayers


The word potentia is defined in Latin as power or force.  Potentia is a Social Enterprise dedicated to helping leading companies to optimize their workforce by leveraging a particular kind of applicant pool diversity.

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